Personality Assessments: Awareness, Diagnosis and Development

What are Personality Assessments?

Personality Assessments measure personal characteristics of people and aim to gather information to help increase the probability that a wise decision will be made in business settings such as candidate selection, will help in leadership development and guide those that are in pursuit of advancing or choosing their careers. Through the proper use of both qualitative and quantitative measures, we can gain deep insight into who people really are and which individuals are most likely to be top performers. While it is true that having a certain skill-set has inherent value, having the wrong person with this skill-set will ultimately be a financial burden on an employer.

How Do I Know Which Assessment is Best?

Validity is the number one question that needs to be addressed when pursuing Personality Assessments. After all, human beings are extremely complex and having the ability to predict performance is no easy feat! How should you decide which candidate to hire? Which employee is most suitable for the next leadership position? What guidance should you use to help develop your career path and purse a professional life of meaning? It all boils down to validity. At Northmark Talent, we understand the value of utilizing the best for the best and therefore, our team is certified in Hogan Personality Assessments.

Hogan has challenged decades of academic tradition to establish itself as the number one assessment on having an impact on organizational success and being pioneers in using personality assessments to improve workplace performance. Founded in 1987, Hogan has become the world leader in personality assessments and leadership development. Hogan currently offers products and services in 56 countries and 47 languages, with over three decades validated research.

So…. What Does it Measure?

Hogan utilizes three aspects of personality which measures the complexities of human beings and correlates the data to job performance. Through the use of the HPI, MVPI and the HDS, Hogan Assessments have the ability to gain a deep understanding of people.

The HPI, or Hogan Personality Inventory, measures the bright side of personality which relates to how people behave in a day-to-ay setting when they’re at their best.

The HDS, or Hogan Development Survey, measures the dark side of personality which measures how people behave when they under stress and pressure. This assessment identifies personality-based derailers that can limit career potential.

The MVPI, or Motives Values Preferences Inventory, measures the core values, goals, and interests of people that determine satisfaction and drive careers. The MVPI identifies ideal jobs, positions, and work environments that people would be most likely to maximize their potential in.

Northmark Talent provides three core services when it comes to employees: Selection, Development and Leadership.


Know who you’re hiring. Everyone has made bad hires, and would prefer not doing it again. With the insight provided by Hogan’s selection products, you can narrow applicant pools, improve interviews, and find the right people for your organization.


Hiring the right people is crucial, but is it enough? Technology and markets move fast. In order to compete, your employees need continually to improve their performance. Hogan development products can help you identify high-potential employees, target coaching and professional development needs, and guide them to their maximum potential.


Organizations depend on leaders to make good decisions, anticipate and manage market trends, and set strategic vision. When competent leadership is in place, companies prosper. Bad leadership creates disengaged workers, corporate corruption, and eventually, business failure. Hogan’s leadership-focused products give leaders the strategic self-awareness needed to maximize their strengths, work through their weaknesses, and understand how personality shapes the future of their organization.