Hire The Right People for the Right Roles

There is only one thing more complex than the most scientific and technological advancements of our times; human beings. Money and people are what drives our organizations and getting the right people in place is fundamental in organizational success. Northmark Talent, through the utilization of Hogan selection tools and assessments, has the ability to know how and why people behave the way they do. Our selection tools help determine if candidates will fit in your organization, if they will fit the job they are hired for and will determine how they will perform in their job. The ultimate goal is the overall ability to predict to predict workplace performance.

How Does it Work?

Through the use of Hogan Assessments, Northmark Talent provides insight into three fundamental questions.:

  1. What exactly do people want? Are they striving for financial security or perhaps for the opportunity to make a difference? What are their core values and motives that affect their lives and what do they find rewarding to help motivate their decisions? Understanding employee values plays a fundamental role in creating and engaged and motivating workforce.
  2. How will they get what they want? A successful career is highly dependant on personality as well as education, experience, and technical skill. Personality assessments help predict characteristic success in careers, relationships, education and life.
  3. What will stand in their way? Ultimately, when self-monitoring ceases, what was once a strength becomes a weakness. What used to be an ambitious salesperson can turn into a negative competitor. What was once a meticulous accountant transforms into a tight picking micro-manager. Gaining a deep insight into these dark-side personality character traits can help prevent a successful employee or leader from derailing.

So…. What Does it Measure?

Given the un-regulated nature of the test-publishing industry with few to zero barriers of entry, the assessment marketplace is full of solutions that make grand claims but ultimately lack valid and sound psychometric foundations. For over 40 years, Hogan has built its reputation on the practicality, validity and experience of its creation. Since its inception, these assessments have developed, published and refined as an independent, and science-based organization. Validity is about prediction and these assessments predict outcomes that have meaning, and all validity claims are backed by publicly available data, technical reports, and professional publications. Finally, Hogan Assessments have assessed millions of working adults and maintains the industry’s largest archive of work-related research that demonstrates how assessments predict performance.

So why wait, start to invest in success!

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