What would your business look like with the right people in the right roles, performing to their full potential?

Whether it’s individuals, teams or your company as a whole, it all comes down to the same thing: your people. We help career seekers, managers and entrepreneurs develop the necessary skills to succeed in today’s fast-paced world.

Northmark Talent was created with an eye on balance and finding the right mix in everything we do: blending research with practice, strategy with execution and science with passion.

We are Management Psychologists who are driven to help people and companies thrive, and by the ultimate goal of delivering tangible, meaningful and measurable business results.

The Fundamentals

Evidence-Based Management

Northmark Talent is affiliated with the Society of Industrial-Organizational Psychology and the Center for Evidence-Based Management. We follow established practices to ensure that your important management decisions are being made based on valid, high-quality evidence.

Leadership Assessments

Personality and performance are closely linked, and personality has proven to have a direct influence on an individual’s leadership ability and style, team performance, and overall organizational effectiveness. Certain personality traits can positively or negatively affect the ability to form and maintain effective relationships with others, make good decisions, manage stressful situations or communicate with others. 


Michael Vodianoi

Michael has consulted with business leaders around the world to improve their strategic people practices. Holding a Master’s degree in Organizational Psychology from Hofstra University, he is passionate about finding the right solutions based on behavioural science research.

In addition to his work at Northmark, Michael is a managing member of ScienceForWork, helping companies access and utilize scientific research in their companies. He is a professional member of SIOP and CEBMa, and has been a guest author for The Canadian Industrial & Organizational Psychologist. Michael is certified in the administration of both Hogan and Korn Ferry assessments.

Kevin 2

Kevin Silver

Kevin received his first Master’s degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology with a concentration in Coaching and Consulting. Afterwards, having understood the need to gain a deeper understanding of the intricacies of businesses, Kevin completed an MBA with a concentration in Global Management.

In addition, Kevin is fully certified in Hogan Assessments using the HPI, HDS and MVPI to measure core competencies, motivations and personality traits that outline the blueprints of individuals. He has spent many years researching and developing the skills necessary to help businesses flourish and to ensure that his clients maximize all of their potential.

"I met with Kevin to discuss different career options. He was a great listener and helped me figure out possible career paths I would enjoy. He is extremely intelligent and was very helpful in guiding me. After talking with Kevin I felt I had a clear direction of what fields I would like to possibly go into."
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